Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bridgeport Food Bank Logos - Self Contained, Iconic and Typographic

Spring 2012

      For this project I had to choose an existing or imaginary business and create three different kinds of logos for it.  One Self Contained Logo, one Iconic and one Typographic.  The logos had to be created in Adobe Illustrator.

     Here are a few examples of Self Contained, Iconic and Typographic Logos.

     The abc logo is a self contained logo because all the elements of the design, text, illustrations etc. take place inside of a shape, in this case a circle.  Nothing extends outside of the circle, giving it a clean edge.

     The NBC logo here of the Peacock is an iconic logo.  This is because it does not contain any form of text and is recognized by its shape and colors rather than a name or information within.  Iconic logos can be the most interesting, but sometimes can take time to become instantly recognizable like this one.

     The Coca-Cola logo is an example of a typographic logo.  It contains mostly text and is the largest part of the design.  A Typographic logo can contain illustrations as well, but is not contained inside of an overall shape like a self contained logo.

      For my designs I decided that I wanted to make up a practical business that had to do with food.  From there I created the Bridgeport Food Bank.  Taking inspiration from the idea of a safe for holding onto food and monetary donations and icons like a plate and fork that symbolize food I created the three different logos.

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Typographic Logo

     For the typographic logo I took inspiration from a fork that I designed earlier on and used that as part of the logo (Click here to check out that post).  I created a safe and put the fork on top, balancing it so that there is a feeling of movement without toppling over. I chose a heavy font to stand up to the weight of the safe above and gave it a sandwich feel by putting Bridgeport in between.  I chose orange because apparently it is one of the most appetizing colors and black to counteract the brightness, creating a high contrast logo.

Iconic Logo

     For the iconic logo I looked at a locker pad lock and took the same themes of food and safes and created an apple padlock.  The apple, being a universal symbol for food, was the perfect base for adding on the lock dial and hook.  I created depth and highlights to give it more detail and interest.

Self Contained Logo

     For the self contained logo I looked at a vintage dinner plate and recreated the design in illustrator.  I took another symbol for food, pea pods, and placed them on top of the plate.  I then arced the text to follow the curve of the plate, paying attention to where it overlapped the peas and plate design.  I decided to use monochromatic colors for the plate and gave the peas a vibrant green to stand apart.

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